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Welcome to my blog friend!

My name is Beryl McClary and I am a blogging, personal development coaching the online business and marketing industry and entrepreneurship. In my site you will find a variety of content information tips, for entrepreneurship, online training, personal growth, inspiration and may other topics to assist you in in the roads to freedom and success.

First a little about my background

By formal training I am an attorney. Real life I am a wife and mother of 6, sister to 4 siblings. An entrepreneur. During this recent downturn in the American economy.

I saw many of my middle class contemporaries become frantic and some defeated about losing their jobs and fears of growing older and poor. We could not hide our age. But, the question was, what do we do now?  There’s a new economy and a different set of rules.

Pushed to do something different…

So starting in 2008, I started on my belated quest to find out the road map to wealth. I became increasingly, fascinated and frustrated as a researched in Forbes the youngest millionaires and how they acquired their wealth  excluding those who were born into riches.  It was amazing to see the numbers of new millionaires that were made in the depth of the “recession.  Money and wealth was still here.

The question indeed was, Who took my money?

I then read everything I could find either in print or audio that had something to do with wealth, investing, personal development, the mind of the wealthy as well as reading the traditional books written by the financially successful.


The most intriguing book that resonated with the depths of my heart was the book written by Robert Kyosaki’s ” Conspiracy of the Rich”.  I couldn’t put it down.  It was not the most scholarly work but ,it was the most honest and enlightening book I had read.  I knew that money had not disappeared.

I always knew my children’s education was not practical for this day and age.

Although they had been in great private schools all of their lives.  For my observation of the curriculum in the public schools was even more woefully lacking in teaching my children what they really need to know in this day of global info-tainment.

My Role…

On my quest for understanding and wisdom in the is new era, I felt the burning desire to sound the alarm for others who needed to hear and understand the nature of the times we live.  I wanted to give them the answers to their questions,  What do we do from here?  What now , Lord?

It is not a day or hour to cringe and be fearful.  But, a day to learn new strategies to win regardless of age, disability, or lack of previous income.

You can still become wealthy by choice regardless of the economy.

In order to really understand this I knew I had to change my thinking and think like the wealthy who were scrupulous, ethical and still moved by the masses.  I knew they knew something I wanted to know.

I started to learn new valuable skills.  But, the first is you have to change your thinking.  We are victors regardless of the circumstance and not victims.

I took  upon myself to learn the new rules. I took lessons from the young millionaires and the older millionaires.  I focused on my personal development.  This is not an industrialized society anymore.   It is the age of info-tainment. We got this!

Let’s do it together

My goal is to share and lead others to fulfillment and success, by teaching and breaking down the new rules of engagement. It is my pleasure to all rise up to the success that still awaits them.

Connect with me on twitter.com/beryl6007

To your continued success

In charity and hope,

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