Did The See Your P.I.E.? Performance Image and Exposure

I do alot of baking.  Pies and cakes are my favorites.  As a mother and cook  I will ask the children, Did you see the pie?  Then I want to know if they like my pie.

In doing so research, I found that the  “older worker” or “baby boomer worker” was viewed as stable and
dependable performers yet not necessarily valuable.  In today’s market “good performance” is not enough in  of itself  to even to keep a job or  get a job.   Nor even to succeed in enterprise   Why?  It is because the market or supervisor didn’t see  what one described as your P.I.E – performance, image and exposure.Your performance is the suppose to be “good”.  It is what keeps you in the gate.

But of greater weight now is your image, which  is established by the value and creativity you bring to the market place and your exposure which comes by developing genuine connections with the people within you influence.

Everything is selling and marketing.  Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you are always selling something –  you.  “You” are your valuable product.   A great product should be well marketed or shall we say artfully expose, with a well defined image that speaks innovation and creativity.

Now, let’s ask ourselves what is our image?  How do others perceive us?  What do we do to have our performance or business exposed? No more going to work and keeping your head down.  We are baby-boomers who embrace the joy of change.

Remember the PIE.

For this day as well, let us not forget  September 11, 2001.  Let us give a moment of silence or a prayer as we remember our heroes.


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2 Responses to “Did The See Your P.I.E.? Performance Image and Exposure”

  1. David Says:

    Great post Beryl. We need to market ourselves first and foremost.



  2. Jennifer Says:

    Great post! I want to share to a few of my co-workers :)


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