Goals Setting – Determine What You Want

Wed, May 30, 2012

Personal Development

Goal Setting: Why you should Decide What you Want

One of the reasons that so many people fail when they set a goal is that they don’t clearly determine what they want. When you don’t know what you want, you won’t know when you have achieved it. Setting goals is important when it comes to achieving personal success, but many don’t set clear and specific goals.If a goal has a very specific definition, then you can find a roadmap to personal success.

It’s easy to find excuses when there is no end in sight, and it can look like a goal might never come to true to reality. For instance, how much weight do you want to lose ? 1 pound, 10 pounds, 20, pounds, etc. It is not enough to just to say “I want to lose weight. However, if one determines what it is they want, it becomes much harder to simply ignore the goal.

Being Definite

Take the idea of online marketing, for instance. If someone suggested that they wanted to increase sales, they have a good start but they really down have a roadmap to personal success. True personal growth can be reached if they specified how and why they wanted to increase sales. Writing down a specific amount is often a good start. When one has a particular amount of money in mind, for instance, one can work towards actually making that amount of money. The fact that the end can be seen gives one the motivation to reach out and grab it.

Personal growth

A bit of soul searching might help when setting goals, and it could lead to personal growth by itself. In fact, this could be the most rewarding aspect of setting one. People should actually ask themselves why they want to set a goal. As well as setting a definite amount, people should have an idea in mind of why they want to accomplish certain goals. In the previous example, one could say that they want to make more money to be able to spend more time with their family.


Being away from the office is something that a lot of people aspire too, and personal development often comes from concrete rewards.

Too Much Stuff- Materialism

On the other hand, it’s important not to be too material.

This can actually stunt personal growth. Real personal development comes from looking towards those things in life that don’t come in a box. The saying suggests that money can’t buy happiness, so one should be certain that what they’re wishing for would actually make them happy. Otherwise, the goal isn’t really even worth working towards. True happiness is also different from pleasure, which is fleeting. Achieving a goal should give one a profound sense of accomplishment that keeps them working towards the next one.

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