“Learning Games” The New Rules Of Strutting Your Stuff



I came from the generation that was taught to go to school, get a good education, get good grades and stay out of trouble and you would succeed.

This implied to me that this success would be all encompassing that is, spiritually, physically and definitely economically.

But, as I approached 50 I saw the world had changed and that  financial success was fleeing.

I started asking questions and none of my traditionalist colleagues could give a suitable answer. What is learning?  What should I learn? What will benefit me now?

So, I started to investigate and researched what’s succeeding now.  I found that my “strut” had to change.

I changed by examining the new “strutters” – read their books, bought their video courses and immersed myself in  information that explained the new rules of obtaining wealth  in the global


My teachers many of them were only in their 20’s ….successful millionaires,others were radical thinkers showed me how to”strut my stuff”.

So, come on my fellow baby-boomers.  There’s a new “strut” to be learned.

Don’t be afraid to tackle the change. There is much to be gained in this present market place.  Let’s strut our stuff !!!!

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