Social Media Marketing– I Don’t Have Time..Do I Need More than One?



We feel like there isn’t enough time for everything.¬† Now you tell me to do one more thing..

Do I need more than one social media site?

One common problem that many new business owners face is not having enough time to devote to various marketing methods. Because of this, business owners must make hard decisions about what type of marketing methods they are going to spend most of their time focusing on.

However, one marketing method that business owners should never forsake is social media marketing. Even still, they may only have enough time to focus on one site. I still get asked by business owners, do I need more than one social site to successfully marketing my business? The answer is not just a simple yes or no. Let me explain an important concept to help you find the answer yourself.

Social is something you are; not something you do.

Most business owners make the common mistake that they must social media when in fact, they social media — let me explain. You can have a million social media accounts, but if you are not a social person, the social media spectrum will be of no use to you.

You need to engage your customers — make them feel like they know you. Only then will they trust you enough to buy your product or service. Do you need more than one site to engage with your customers? That depends. First, who is your audience? Are they teenagers? Are they young adults? Are they middle-aged? Teenagers spend most of their time on Facebook and Twitter. Middle-aged professionals will more likely focus on LinkedIn. Young adults mostly use Facebook, but not Twitter.

Perhaps you can market to all of your customers on just one site, or maybe you have to promote your business on various sites to maximize your exposure to all of your potential customers.

How much marketing do you plan on doing?

If you just have something simple to say, you may be able to just use Twitter for your social media needs. Connect your Twitter account with your blog or website to help you keep your loyal customers informed. However, if you have something more to say, you should consider creating a Facebook and LinkedIn page for your business. You can also use Facebook to promote contests, though there are special rules and guidelines for Facebook contests.

Are you focusing on the wrong marketing methods?
Most business owners don’t have enough time to manage more than one social site because they are too busy managing other marketing channels. However, studies show that social media marketing is a very effective marketing method. There is a good chance that you can increase your revenue by focusing more on social media, rather than methods like article marketing.

Take these principles to heart when answering this question for yourself. You may discover that you have more time than you think you do. Whether or not you need more than one social site is something you must determine.

Good Luck,

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One Response to “Social Media Marketing– I Don’t Have Time..Do I Need More than One?”

  1. Dean Says:

    What I gather from this is knowing your strengths and employing them. If social media isn’t a business owners strength that he should do one of two things. 1. Hire someone to handle it or 2. Take a course and get up to speed. University of San Francisco offers online social media courses.


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